Hi, I am Reggie Soang. I am a chef and owner of Weekday Herbivore, a plant-based catering company in New York City.

I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to The States when I was 12. I earned my BA from Rutgers University studying Statistics. I dabbled with a career in personal and athletic training before I embarked on a journey to become a chef. I enjoy learning and refining recipes. I believe all cuisines are somehow connected fundamentally; we are all hunter-gatherers before the invention of agriculture.

I have been cooking in New York City for a decade. I was a sous chef at WD~50 and have spent time cooking for prominent chefs such as April Bloomfield, Ben Shewry, and David Chang. I founded Weekday Herbivore because I believe a plant-based meal can be as fulfilling and delicious as a meal with meat and other animal products. My philosophy in cooking is accepting Mother Nature’s generosity graciously and cooking all ingredients with integrity and knowledge. Cooking is also a form of dialogue; a chef’s cooking should be an extension of his or herself that introduces diners into his or her world.

I have two cute nephews who live in Bangkok with my brother and sister-in-law. I travel to Thailand a couple of times a year to eat and learn its cuisine. I believe a chef’s repertoire is built from his or her experiences of eating a variety of food. I am inspired by Thai food because of its influences on my native Taiwanese cuisine and vice versa.

In my spare time, I enjoy swimming because I am fascinated by how effortlessly a swimmer can travel in water while I struggle with every breath and stroke. I also enjoy devouring all kinds of books; my lifelong goal is to become a big nerd.

Last but not least, I blog about food and the restaurant industry; I often use current events or history to help me reflect on my experiences in becoming a chef. I hope you enjoy reading my entries as much as I love writing them. I welcome any feedback to help me better the content I present, in the hopes of building a nurturing resource for the next generation.